About Us

Ellsworth Logistics Service is well entrenched in various supply chain networks throughout North America and is a leader in long and short haul transporting of temperature-sensitive and various other products. We pride ourselves in providing industry-leading transport and distribution solutions that continually meet and exceed customer expectations.

We consider our customers as our partners and as a team, we ensure the best, most efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions possible.

Our expertly trained operations staff and other support teams are the heart of our business. With their buy-in to the company’s values and systems, we can ensure that our customers enjoy a service based on trust, integrity and mutual benefit.

We pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient and competitively priced service, and ensure products reach their destination in the shortest possible time.

Our clients


At Ellsworth Logistics Service we strive to be the preferred expert and logistics provider for clients needing innovative, cost-effective and integrated supply chain solutions to move their products from the point of production to the point of consumption.


Our team is committed to delivering exceptional, personalised, flexible and integrated logistics solutions. We understand our clients’ transport and logistics needs, and through continuous improvement, anticipate and satisfy these needs for the future.We forge strategic partnerships, forecast international business trends and develop innovative, accountable, efficient technologies.


We consistently strive for innovative and creative solutions, looking at new ways of doing things and new opportunities to stand out in the industry and add value to our customers.


We endorse and promote a set of core values to all employees, from front-line staff to senior executives, as a guide for the way we do our logistics business. These values directly influence our daily work life, strengthen our relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and ultimately contribute to the achievement of our vision.